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Knirr Intellectual Property Law specializes in all aspects of intellectual property law including prosecuting enforcing and defending patents and trademarks.

Patent Attorney Stefan Knirr is experienced in representing innovators in a wide range of technical fields including pharmaceutical, biotechnological, mechanical, automobile manufacturing, steel manufacturing and medical devices.


Utility Patents

Utility patents are granted for processes or devices that perform a useful function. A key step in obtaining optimal protection for an invention is to identify the underlying inventive concept. Our expertise in a wide range of technologies enables us to fully understand your invention and to develop an individual approach that maximizes the value of your intellectual property.


Trademarks include any word, name symbol sound smell or device that identifies and distinguish your goods and services form those of others. Whether you already market your products or services or whether you are planning to do so, we provide advice how to obtain the best protection for your trademark.

Design Patents

A design patent protects the way an article looks. The visual representations filed with the USPTO therefore define the scope of patent protection. We advise you and make sure that the materials filed with the USPTO give you the broadest protection for your innovative design. We closely collaborate with highly experienced patent design drafting professionals to ensure that your design application meets all the formal requirements and to make the application process as smooth as possible.


Before filing a patent application or entering a particular market with a product or service it may make sense to first get an idea whether such a step is legally feasible. To help making an informed judgment we provide opinions regarding the patentability of an invention and potential infringement issues with regard to a product or service prior to entering the US market.

Stefan Knirr

Patent Attorney
Attorney at Law

Stefan Knirr was born in Germany and studied Molecular Biology, Genetics and Microbiology at the Philipps University of Marburg, Germany. After his PhD in Molecular Biology Mr. Knirr worked at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York on gene function during embryonic muscle development and at the Gene Center of CUNY, New York on epigenetic gene regulation in mouse immune cells.

Mr. Knirr studied law at Brooklyn Law School and was admitted to the New York State bar in 2005 and to the Patent Bar in 2009. In his practice as a patent attorney Mr Knirr has participated in the preparation and prosecution of more than 400 patents in a large variety of different technical fields including pharmaceutical, biochemical, mechanical, electrical, steel manufacture, automobile industry, and medical devices.

Besides patent and trademark prosecution, Mr Knirr’s practice also includes trademark oppositions and cancellations and patent post grant proceedings before the respective Appeals Boards (TTAB, PTAB), and patent infringement litigation.

Bar Admissions

State of New York Bar
United States Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York


American Bar Association

New York Intellectual Property Association

VPP German Association of Intellectual Property Experts


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